Anthony D'Amato
Anthony D'Amato
(Courtesy: Northwestern Law School)

Anthony D'Amato is professor of law at Northwestern University and the author of over 20 books and 110 articles.  The latter include:
  • "The Ultimate Injustice: When the Court Misstates the Facts," Cardozo Law Review, Vol. 11: 1313 (1990).

  • "Self-Regulation of Misconduct Could be Mis-Regulation," Michigan Law Review, Vol. 89: 609 (1990).

    These and other works are accessible at:

“The Moment of Truth for a practicing lawyer occurs whenever a prospective client tells a story that seems morally compelling but legally hopeless.  That is where the attorney's legal research should begin, not where it should end.  Too much injustice persists in the world because tired legal thinking has accepted unjust patterns as legally inevitable.”

--Anthony D'Amato

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